Russel Galbut is the managing Principle of Crescent Heights, one of America’s largest and most well-respected residential real estate developers. He and his family are a very important part of Miami Beach recent history. For more than 80 years, the Galbut family has been developing Miami Beach.Russel

Russel have been active in the urban mixed use real estate sector for over 35 years, Mr. Galbut and the Crescent Heights team are considered the “best in class” developer with a successful track record in new construction and renovations. Through today Mr. Galbut and Crescent Heights have completed such conversion projects in Miami Beach, as the Decoplage, Shelborne, Carriage Club, Carriage Club North, Castel Beach Club, Carriage House, Casablanca to name just a few. Together these conversions raised the assessed values of these buildings over 2 billion dollars in value which is the largest tax base increase brought about by any company in the history of the Island.

Last June 24th 2015 Mr. Russel Galbut was the special guest speaker on the 2nd series of LEAD: Leaders Empowering Action through Discussion, held at the Mondrian South Beach.

His presentation was excellent. Having one of the best Miami entrepreneurs in the Commercial Real Estate sharing his insides about the market and the business was an outstanding opportunity. Mr. Galbut talked about strategies that will be able to be applied to life and/or any line of work!

Here are some of the most relevant points of his presentation:

  • Excellence and quality, the money follows that
  • Reinvention every time
  • Experience
  • You can do a lot of money with Real estate. Why? Leverage
  • Special community work harder
  • How to go to the next level
  • Circumstances change!
  • Constant focus and desire to be better than before
  • Love what you do! You can work weekends
  • Never give up
  • Creation and fun
  • With education is easier to Success
  • As a leader you need to help build a community
  • 50000 south Florida conversions
  • FIFO, first in – first out!

Russell and the entire Galbut family believe in giving back to society and stand as pillars in our community.